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From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
Subject: DEC VT-241 help wanted
Message-ID: <439@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 27-Jul-84 12:59:17 EDT
Article-I.D.: ittral.439
Posted: Fri Jul 27 12:59:17 1984
Date-Received: Sat, 28-Jul-84 21:26:09 EDT
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  We just received some DEC VT-241s, and I'm having some trouble getting
these beasts to display more than 4 colors at a time on the screen.  (I
can get red green blue and dark.) The documentation is less than
useless, since it only discusses ReGIS programming in the pocket guide. 
I'm trying to use an old VT-125 manual, and am not getting very far. 
Any pointers will be appreciated.

					David Hinnant
					ITT - Telecom
					LSI Design Center
					(919) 878-8100