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Subject: Unix System Administration Seminar
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Date: Thu, 6-Sep-84 02:30:48 EDT
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Posted: Thu Sep  6 02:30:48 1984
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Organization: DEC UNIX Engineering Group
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This December 9th, immediately preceding the fall DECUS symposium in
Anaheim, UNISIG (the DECUS special interest group on UNIX) will sponsor
a pre-symposium seminar on UNIX system administration, to be given by
the folks from mt xinu.  Details on how to sign up will be in the DECUS
fall symposium preregistration packet, which is automatically sent to
all US chapter members.  If you are not a DECUS member, but would like
to receive registration information, write to:

		DECUS US Chapter
		249 Northboro Road, BPO2
		Marlboro, Massachusetts  01752

The abstract for the seminar follows.  Be there or be square!


                        UNIX System Administration

This course presents material covering various aspects of operating and
mangling a UNIX system, including:

        -  file system backup and recovery
        -  scaring new users
        -  system accounting
        -  system startup and shutdown
        -  system configuration and performance
        -  networking considerations

Examples in this course will be taken from the 4 Bsd version of UNIX (on
which Ultrix-32 is based), but most of the material presented is broadly
applicable to other versions such as AT&T's System V, Version 7, Digital's
V7M11 (now Ultrix-11).

Prerequisites:  This tutorial is aimed at "system administrators"
responsible for some flavor of UNIX.

Instructors:  Ed Gould, Bob Kridle, and Vance Vaughn are founders of mt
Xinu, a Berkeley company dedicated to the distribution and support of UNIX
for VAX computers.  Between them, they have been running UNIX systems for
over eighteen minutes.

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