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From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
Newsgroups: net.unix
Subject: Help: need VMS to read tar format tape
Message-ID: <455@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Mon, 24-Sep-84 14:13:34 EDT
Article-I.D.: ittral.455
Posted: Mon Sep 24 14:13:34 1984
Date-Received: Thu, 27-Sep-84 04:24:59 EDT
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We just purchased a 68010 based UNIX CAD workstation, and we need to
send some data to a VMS host (parasite?).  Although the system has a 9
track tape drive, it doesn't have the include file 'mtio.h', so I can't
compile a program to read VMS labeled tapes ('vmstp' from the net).  So,
does anyone have a VAX/VMS program that will read a UNIX tar format

					David Hinnant
					ITT - Telecom
					LSI Design Center
					(919) 878-8100