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Subject: 4.2BSD Manual Availability
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Date: Mon, 8-Oct-84 16:03:14 EDT
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Posted: Mon Oct  8 16:03:14 1984
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Mon Oct 8 13:02:30 PDT 1984

PLEASE POST                                                        PLEASE POST

                    USENIX 4.2BSD Manuals:  Status Report

     As announced in the April 1984 issue of ;login: (Vol. 9, No. 2), USENIX
has sponsored the printing of 4.2BSD manuals for 1984 Institutional and Sup-
porting Members of USENIX holding a 4.2BSD source license.  A description of
the layout and format of the manuals as well as an order form was included in
the original ;login: announcement, and order forms were sent to all recipients
of the 4.2BSD distribution tapes as well.  On July 3rd, after waiting approxi-
mately 30 days for orders to accumulate, the printer was told to reproduce the
following quantities of manuals:

   User's Manuals               5,000
   Programmer's Manual          5,000
   System Manager's Manuals     1,800

     It was planned that this quantity of manuals would prove sufficient to
fill all orders generated over the next 3-4 month period.  Little did we real-
ize how popular these manuals would prove to be!  As of September 10th the
following orders had been received and processed:

   User's Manuals               5,900
   Programmer's Manuals         4,800
   System Manager's Manuals     2,000

     Thus the original printing run is completely sold out of the User's and
System Manager's Manuals, and only a few sets of the Programmer's Manuals are
left.  We have negotiated with the printer to make another printing run in
order to fill the backlog of outstanding orders and to provide a supply of
manuals for future orders that are received during the next few months.  As
stated in the original ;login: announcement, it is uncertain how long manuals
will be available for.  If your site is interested in manuals and has not
already ordered, you are encouraged to do so promply.  An order form may be
requested from the USENIX office (415-528-8649).

     Incidently, we have received many positive comments concerning the new
manual layout and format.  Thanks are due Sam Leffler of Lucasfilm and Mike
Karels of the University of California, Berkeley for their hard work at organ-
izing the manual sections and producing the typeset masters for the printer.
John Lassetter, also of Lucasfilm, did the cover design.

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