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From: l...@mit-athena.ARPA (Linda B Merims)
Subject: MIT Project Athena Technical Writer
Message-ID: <55@mit-athena.ARPA>
Date: Tue, 23-Oct-84 14:38:33 EDT
Article-I.D.: mit-athe.55
Posted: Tue Oct 23 14:38:33 1984
Date-Received: Thu, 25-Oct-84 04:12:40 EDT
Organization: MIT, Project Athena, Cambridge, Ma.
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MIT Project Athena Technical Writer

Project Athena is a five year effort to integrate computing into
the undergraduate curriculum at MIT.  From giving the beginning
French student a fictitious Paris and then posing the problem,
"Find an apartment," to handing the electrical engineering student
a computer simulated antenna design kit and saying "Explore
magnetic fields," Athena wants to find ways to use the power of
networked, high-speed, personal graphics workstations to illuminate
concepts students encounter learning the sciences, engineering, and
humanities.  Athena's three major partners are MIT, DEC, and IBM.
We are using Berkeley 4.2 Unix as our base system.

Athena is looking for a Technical Writer.  As a member of Athena's
User Services group, this person will:

 - Write, edit, and produce user documentation, systems documentation,
   and public relations material.

 - Work with systems development personnel, and MIT faculty and staff
   to develop documentation standards and procedures to assure proper
   documentation of their projects.

 - Provide technical support to users including acting as an area
   expert for one or more software systems, answering user questions,
   and teaching short courses.

 - Participate in the maintenance, design, and implementation of online
   documentation systems.

 - Participate in the design, testing, and implementation of new Athena

To qualify for this job, you should:

 - Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent education and experience.

 - Have evidence of excellent written and verbal communications skills.

 - Have experience writing technical documentation for non-technical and
   technical users.

 - Be familiar with computer systems, screen editors, text formatters,
   graphics systems, one or more computer languages, online documentation
   systems, and networking concepts.

 - Have experience as a user and teacher of computer systems (in a
   university environment, if possible).

 - Be good natured, but tough.

Send resume and writing sample (both required) by U.S. MAIL to:

        Linda B. Merims
        Documentation Manager
        Project Athena
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        Cambridge, MA  02139

MIT is an equal opportunity employer.

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