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From: sh...@adobe.UUCP (Andrew Shore)
Subject: new site
Message-ID: <152@adobe.UUCP>
Date: Sun, 6-Jan-85 17:17:13 EST
Article-I.D.: adobe.152
Posted: Sun Jan  6 17:17:13 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 8-Jan-85 02:49:23 EST
Distribution: net
Organization: Adobe Systems, Palo Alto
Lines: 35

Name of site: adobe

What the site is all about.
	Adobe Systems, Incorporated.
	Device-independent raster graphics, 
	digital typography, document preparation.

	4.2bsd Unix on VAX-11/750.

Contact: Andrew I. Shore

UUCP Mail: {decwrl,glacier,shasta,sun,eakins}!adobe!shore

US Mail:
	Adobe Systems, Incorporated.
	1870 Embarcadero Rd. Suite 100
	Palo Alto, CA  94303

Phone: (415) 852-0271

Systems with whom news articles are exchanged:
	1200 baud dialup, batched nightly
	outgoing news also goes to decwrl

Systems with whom mail is exchanged:
	glacier decwrl shasta sun eakins
	1200 baud dialup - on demand

Willingness (or lack thereof) to connect to new sites that
want to join usenet.  If you run uucp, tell if new sites can
call you, if you will poll them, what your policy is.
	We have limited storage and get news in nightly batches.
	I'd like to get a little more experience with it before
	we start to feed anyone else.

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March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
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