AT&T and Motorola Inc. Reach Agreement to Continue Development of Unix System V for Motorola's Family of Microprocessors

Dallas -- January 21, 1985 -- PRNewswire -- AT&T and Motorola Inc., today announced an agreement to continue the development of UNIX System V for Motorola's family of microprocessors.

The new effort is an evolution of arrangements reached in May 1983 with Motorola and three other major microprocessor vendors. The original agreement with Motorola called for the porting of UNIX System V to MC68000 32-bit microprocessor. AT&T certified this port in May 1984 and has been licensing it to a growing number of computer manufacturers and VARs.

Under the new arrangement, Motorola will port the current version of System V across the full spectrum of the M68000 32-bit microprocessor family from the MC68000 to the MC68020 chips. Commenting on the agreement, Richard Shahpazian, director of Software Sales and Marketing for AT&T, said, "We are pleased with the continued growth of our relationship with Motorola. This latest agreement is further evidence of AT&T's commitment to make standard System V available on the latest technology chips to as broad a base of customers as possible."

Motorola's Thomas Beaver, vice president and director of Microsystems in the Microprocessor Products Group, said, "We fully support the concept of a standard computing environment and endorse AT&T's efforts in support of UNIX System V. This agreement will insure the availability of the most up-to-date AT&T releases on our latest products."

The agreement is expected to significantly increase the number of M68000-based computers running AT&T's standard UNIX System V.

UNIX is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

/CONTACT: Tom Holum of AT&T, 201-898-8326 (UniForum Booth 1560) or Roger Fordham of Motorola, 602-438-3510/

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