AT&T Implements Unix System V for National Semiconductor Corp.'s Series 32000 Family of Microprocessors

Dallas -- January 21, 1985 -- PRNewswire -- AT&T today announced an implementation of UNIX System V for National Semiconductor Corp.'s Series 32000 family of microprocessors.

The new product is the result of an agreement reached in May 1983 with a number of the major domestic microprocessor vendors. Under that agreement each of the vendors is to develop an implementation of UNIX System V for its chip technology and provide the source code product to AT&T for certification.

The System V/NSC32000 is an implementation of UNIX System V, Release 2.0, and is compatible with other AT&T implementations for the DEC VAX and AT&T's own 3B computers. The product offers a number of enhancements, including record and file locking and demand paged virtual memory.

Source code for UNIX System V/NSC32000 will be generally available through license agreement from AT&T on April 15. The source code is priced at $43,000 for the first central processing unit. Support for the product is provided by National Semiconductor Inc. For more information on licensing UNIX software, contact: AT&T Software Sales and Marketing, P.O. Box 25000, Greensboro, N.C. 27420; 1-800-828-UNIX (in North Carolina call collect, 919-279-3666).

UNIX is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Series 32000 is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corp.

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/CONTACT: Tom Holub of AT&T, 201-898-8326, or Bill Callahan of National Semiconductor, 408-749-7432/

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