Microsoft Corp. and AT&T Announce Joint Plans for Compatible Future Releases for XENIX and Unix System V

Dallas -- January 21, 1985 -- PRNewswire -- Microsoft Corp. and AT&T announced joint plans for compatible future releases for Microsoft XENIX(A) and UNIX(B) System V. This announcement was made as part of an expanded business relationship between the two companies.

XENIX is Microsoft's implementation of AT&T's own UNIX Operating System.

UNIX System V and XENIX are both multi-user, multi-tasking operating systems. Microsoft XENIX is the most widely installed microcomputer operating system derived from the UNIX System.

Microsoft re-affirmed its plan to provide a System V version of XENIX, while AT&T announced that it intends to offer XENIX System V on its PC 6300 personal computer.

Microsoft was a key company that worked with AT&T to finalize the AT&T "System V Interface Definition." Microsoft will implement the changes needed to bring XENIX into conformity with the "System V Interface Definition." This version of XENIX will be upward compatible with the current XENIX release. Thus ensuring a clear upgrade path for current XENIX customers.

Microsoft and AT&T announced their joint intent to maintain compatibility between the XENIX V product and the "System V Interface Definition" on an ongoing basis.

As part of their expanded business relationship, AT&T designated Microsoft as the pilot participant for AT&T's recently announced System V Verification Service. The Verification Service will ultimately be made available to all UNIX System V licensees and will be used to help ensure compatibility between different UNIX System V derived implementations.

As a result of Microsoft's early participation in the Verification program, it is expected that Microsoft XENIX V will be the first verified System V product for a microcomputer which is not owned by AT&T.

AT&T announced that, following AT&T verification of XENIX System V, it intends to offer a version of this product for its PC6300 personal computer. THE PC 6300, based on the Intel 8086 microprocessor, was introduced by AT&T in June 1984.

"We are pleased to be working closely with Microsoft in this and in other areas. As partners, we will be bringing UNIX System V and XENIX together in order to offer compatible operating systems," said James Edwards, Computer Systems president of AT&T Information Systems.

"Microsoft was one of the first companies to recognize the need for a commercially oriented version of the UNIX Operating System. This agreement to work with AT&T is a great opportunity for Microsoft to continue its role of helping set software standards," remarked Bill Gates, chairman of the board of Microsoft.

(A) -- XENIX is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

(B) -- UNIX is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

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