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From: la...@extel.UUCP (Larry Pajakowski)
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Subject: Microsoft PC/AT Xenix mtg. summary requested
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Date: Sun, 27-Jan-85 21:11:06 EST
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Posted: Sun Jan 27 21:11:06 1985
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I would sincerly appreciate if anyone who was able to attend the
Microsoft meeting on Xenix for the PC/AT would write a summary to the
net. I am buying a PC/AT to run Xenix on and would appreciate knowing
in advance what I am getting.

I do have 3 questions in particular:

1. When will it be available?

2. Can custom device drivers still be added?

3. Will the 3 user limit be enforced and how?

Many thanks

Larry Pajakowski

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From: la...@extel.UUCP
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Subject: Re: Xenix now available on PC/AT
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Date: Fri, 8-Feb-85 13:33:00 EST
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Posted: Fri Feb 8 13:33:00 1985
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Nf-From: extel!larry Feb 8 12:33:00 1985

I received the following mail in response to my query about Microsoft
Xenix on the PC/AT. The entire text is included below.

Should anyone develop a driver for one of the multi-port RS232 cards
like the Octacom card the posting of it would be sincerely apreciated.

Larry Pajakowski


I saw your net mail. In response to your specific questions:

1. IBM is now shipping XENIX, the part #'s are:

Operating System #6024207
Software Development #6024209
Text Processing #6024208

The dealers have just received notice of this, so some may still be
unaware of it - quoting the part numbers ensures that you can get them.

2. Yes, you can add drivers. Several people have already done it. You
need the S/w development package.

3. The 3-user limit is an IBM hardware limit - other people have already
announced multi-port serial cards which plug in to the AT and can be
driven by XENIX. The limit is actually sixteen - which is the ATT license.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post this to the net or to contact me for more


Adrian King
XENIX Product Manager