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Subject: Rob Pike at The University of Western Ontario, Fri Mar 1st
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Date: Wed, 27-Feb-85 10:31:30 EST
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Posted: Wed Feb 27 10:31:30 1985
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Organization: UWO CS, London Canada
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                                 Rob Pike

                        AT&T Bell Labs, New Jersey

                               will speak on
                The Blit: Merging bit-map graphics and UNIX


The Blit terminal, developed at Bell Labs by Bart  Locanthi  and  Rob  Pike
aims at the middle ground between time-sharing and personal computing, pro-
viding the advantages of high-speed interactive graphics in the UNIX  time-
sharing system. The terminal is inexpensive and simple enough to take home,
designed with software in mind by people who planned to write the  software
and use the terminal. Two improvements introduced to UNIX by the Blit are:

          - interactive graphics for any user, and
          - convienient multiprogramming

This talk will focus on issues of software design and user interfaces.

                    DATE  : Friday, March 1, 1985
                    TIME  : 2:30pm
                    PLACE : Middlesex College, Room 312
magi	(David Wiseman @ UWO Comp Sci, London Canada)