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Subject: Unix history at U of T
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Date: Fri, 15-Mar-85 20:35:19 EST
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Posted: Fri Mar 15 20:35:19 1985
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Organization: U of Toronto Zoology
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I've gotten interested enough in the history of Unix at U of T to
attempt a compilation of early events.  It helps that I was around
for much of it, although annoyingly I don't remember the dates all
that well.  In case people either are interested or can contribute
some useful information, here's a rough start:

late 1974	CSRG 11/45 running V5 (anyone know the exact dates?)
early 1975?	45 upgrades to V6
Jan 1977	45 survives (running throughout!) Sandford Fleming fire
summer 1978	Zoology 11/34 running V6 (exact date uncertain)
Sept 1978	UTCS 11/70 running PWB
late 1978	CSRG 11/50 running V6
early 1979	Dentistry 11/60 running V6 (PWB??)
early 1980	CSRG 50 upgrades to V7 (45 still running V6)
spring 1981	Zoology (now a 44) joins Usenet, first U of T site on it
summer 1984	CSRG 11/45 retired, still running V6 (!)

Details, dates, and additions to the chronology are welcome.
				Henry Spencer @ U of Toronto Zoology