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Subject: Job openings at MIT - Systems Programmers
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Date: Fri, 12-Apr-85 03:02:30 EST
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From: "Peter B. Kelley" <Kel...@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA>


                            SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS

     Departmental expansion has created 5 new and exciting administrative
staff positions in the Operations and Systems division for systems
maintenance and support personnel in a dynamic and challenging environment.
The ideal candidate for each position will have a degree in Computer Science
[or equivalent], a minimum of two years professional experience with the
chosen operating system, detailed knowledge of command language and utility
interfaces, systems programming experience in PL/I and/or C, and a working
knowledge of hardware and operating system software.  Candidates for each
position should be versed in software installation techniques, quality
assurance issues, system failure analysis, and recovery techniques.

 VAX/VMS   (1)
     To manage three VMS systems supporting administrative services at 
     MIT.  Requires strong skills with DCL, data communications
     expertise, and strong knowledge of DEC hardware.

 UNIX      (3)
     To work with MIT's Project Athena to support a large networked array 
     of DEC and IBM computer equipment running UNIX.  Requires strong 
     knowledge of UNIX commands and utilities, the ability to diagnose 
     software problems, and the ability to work in a dynamic and growing 

 MULTICS   (1)
     To provide systems support for a Honeywell Multics computer system.
     Requires strong experience with Multics and/or Multics-like operating
     system, and systems programming experience in PL/1.  Network and
     electronic mail expertise are pluses.

     Please send resumes to:
                Peter B. Kelley
                Manager of Systems Programming
                MIT  W91-215
                Cambridge, MA 02139

     MIT is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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