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Subject: Royalities on code using Yacc, Lex, Stdio, etc.
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Date: Fri, 3-May-85 17:04:25 EDT
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Posted: Fri May  3 17:04:25 1985
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Reply-To: j...@tikal.UUCP (Joe Brady)
Organization: Teltone Corp., Kirkland, WA
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Some of you may be interested in the issue of royalities for software
which uses UNIX(tm) library modules or code generated by Lex and Yacc.
The the April 1985 edition of "$echo", "the newsletter published by the
AT&T Software Sales and Licensing organization for licensees of UNIX
System V", announces a planned liberalization for the use of this
software.  The following is a quote from page 7.

QUESTION: Is AT&T considering expanding the section in the software
contract that allows the use of certain run-time libraries or files for
use in customer developed application software without payment of a
sublicensing fee to AT&T?

ANSWER: Yes. The software contracts are being modified to read as

Routines from files in /lib whose pathnames end in .o or .a and from
files in /usr/lib whose pathnames end in .a may be included in
object-code format in customer developed applications software without
payment of a sublicensing fee to AT&T.

The files in /usr/lib/yaccpar, /usr/lib/lex/ncform, and
/usr/lib/lex/nrform may also be included in customer developed
applications software without payment of a sublicensing fee to AT&T.

				Joe Brady
				Teltone Corporation

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