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From: j...@ut-sally.UUCP (John Quarterman)
Newsgroups: net.usenix
Subject: USENIX and IEEE P1003 "UNIX Standards" committee
Message-ID: <1981@ut-sally.UUCP>
Date: Wed, 22-May-85 18:39:48 EDT
Article-I.D.: ut-sally.1981
Posted: Wed May 22 18:39:48 1985
Date-Received: Fri, 24-May-85 03:48:57 EDT
Organization: U. Texas CS Dept., Austin, Texas
Lines: 32

The USENIX board has asked me to act as the representative of USENIX
to the IEEE P1003 "UNIX Standards" committee.  My function is to
communicate the position of the USENIX membership and board to the
committee, and to inform USENIX about what the committee is doing.
I will also vote for USENIX, where it is appropriate for USENIX
to have a vote.  In such cases I will vote the position of USENIX,
as nearly as I can tell what that may be.

If anyone has anything they want conveyed to the committee, please mail
it to me.  I can be reached at the network addresses at the end of this
article, or by paper mail as

		John Quarterman
		Department of Computer Sciences
		University of Texas at Austin
		Austin, Texas 78712

I will also be available at the Portland USENIX (at the Marriott).
If there is sufficient interest, I will try to have a small BOF.

The first committee meeting I will be attending is immediately
before the Portland USENIX, so I cannot yet answer many questions.
I will report on such meetings in net.usenix on USENET, and probably
also in the ;login newsletter, as well as in person at USENIX conferences.
I hope to report what has been decided, what is under consideration,
and, if possible, publish (brief) written position papers from members
of the committee on the various sides of important issues.

Suggestions are welcome.

John Quarterman, j...@ut-sally.ARPA, {ihnp4,seismo,ctvax}!ut-sally!jsq

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