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From: dfh@SCIRTP.UUCP (David F. Hinnant)
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Subject: UNIX file size distribution info?
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Date: Fri, 2-Aug-85 12:25:57 EDT
Article-I.D.: SCIRTP.270
Posted: Fri Aug  2 12:25:57 1985
Date-Received: Sun, 4-Aug-85 07:03:40 EDT
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Organization: SCI Systems, Research Triangle Park, NC
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  I remember seeing a graph or table not too long ago giving the file
size distribution for an average UNIX system.  I.e., there were x files
of size y, x1 files of size y1, etc.  I thought this was in the BSTJ of
last October, but I don't see it now.  Does anybody know where I can find
this info?  Also, any info relating to command distribution by classes of
users (documentation, software engineering, secretarial, etc) is welcome.

					Thanks in advance,
				David Hinnant
				SCI Systems, Inc.
				{decvax, akgua}!mcnc!rti-sel!scirtp!dfh