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Subject: Denver Window Environments Workshop, Tentative Agenda
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Date: Thu, 24-Oct-85 01:16:56 EDT
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Posted: Thu Oct 24 01:16:56 1985
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		Denver USENIX Meeting
	Window Environments and UNIX(TM)

8:30-8:40      Introductory Remarks

Morning Session I - Hardware and Hardware Issues

8:40-9:10      Galadriel: A Display List-Based Window Manager
                Bob Lewis, Tektronix

9:10-9:40      Next Generation Hardware for Windowed Displays
                Steven McGeady

9:40-10:10     Real-Time Resource Sharing for Graphics Workstations
                Mark Grossman and Glen Williams, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

10:10-10:30    BREAK

Morning Session II - Applications

10:30-11:00    Third Level Software Tools, CDEC Enhancements to Andrew
                Thomas Neuendorffer, Carnegie-Mellon University

11:00-11:30    A Workstation-Based Inpatient Clinical System in the Johns Hopkins Hospital
                Stephen N. Kahane, et. al. Johns Hopkins Hospital

11:30-12:00    The Feel of Pi
                T. A. Cargill, AT&T Bell Laboratories

12:00-1:30     LUNCH

Afternoon Session I - Systems and System Issues

1:30-2:00      FLAMINGO: A UNIX-Based, Object-Oriented User Interface Management System
                Edward T. Smith and David B. Anderson, Carnegie-Mellon University

2:00-2:30      A Proposal for Interwindow Communication and Translation Facilities
                D. P. Gill, Exxon Research and Engineering

2:30-3:00      Problems While Implementing Window Systems in UNIX
                Jim Gettys and Bob Scheifler, Massachusettes Institute of Technology

3:00-3:30      A Distributed and Extensible Window System
                James Gosling, Sun Microsystems

3:30-4:00      BREAK

Afternoon Session II - Panel Discussion

4:00-5:00      ``Color?  Do we need it?  How can we use it?  How do we deal with it? ...''
                (participants to be announced)

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