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From: i...@hou2a.UUCP (I.KINAL)
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Subject: BOOKS: Advanced UNIX(TM) Programming; Systems Software Tools
Message-ID: <672@hou2a.UUCP>
Date: Mon, 18-Nov-85 10:30:35 EST
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Posted: Mon Nov 18 10:30:35 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 19-Nov-85 04:19:17 EST
Organization: AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel NJ
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Has anyone any recommendations on either book (both published by Prentice
Hall; I haven't seen them yet in my local bookstore; they both look
interesting, but I've seen some pretty poor books hyped even better ).  
Here's the promos on both:
Advanced UNIX (TM) Programming by Marc J. Rochkind.  Here's comprehensive,
practical advice on how and when to use - and not use system calls.  
265 pp. $32.95.

Systems Software Tools by Ted J. Biggerstaff.  This easy-to-follow, new
guide gives you the latest details on the C language and compiler, 
interrupt and communications hardware, terminal emulators, window 
interfaces, multitasking window systems, and concurrency structures.
250 pp. $28.95.

Thanx in advance
Ihor Kinal
{hou2a | hru3c} !ijk

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From: la...@geowhiz.UUCP (Larry McVoy)
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Subject: Re: BOOKS: Advanced UNIX(TM) Programming; Systems Software Tools
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Date: Sat, 23-Nov-85 04:54:17 EST
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Posted: Sat Nov 23 04:54:17 1985
Date-Received: Mon, 25-Nov-85 06:48:52 EST
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Reply-To: la...@geowhiz.UUCP (Larry McVoy)
Organization: UW Madison, Geology Dept.
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There has been some discussion of Unix technical books and people seem
to like Marc's book.  The only problem is that it is for SystemV.  Has
anyone written such a book specifically for 4.[23]?
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From: a...@elsie.UUCP (Arthur David Olson)
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Subject: Re: BOOKS: Advanced UNIX(TM) Programming
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Date: Fri, 29-Nov-85 14:10:25 EST
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Posted: Fri Nov 29 14:10:25 1985
Date-Received: Sat, 30-Nov-85 07:08:21 EST
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Organization: NIH-LEC, Bethesda, MD
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Summary: BSD != 4.2BSD

In article <1...@brl-tgr.ARPA>, g...@brl-tgr.ARPA (Doug Gwyn <gwyn>) writes:
> For portability, one should be programming in what
> amounts to a System V environment anyway, even on BSD systems.  If
> you don't have a System V environment on your 4.2BSD system, it is
> your own fault, since one is available for free.

I wonder what those of us running BSD systems other than 4.2BSD are to do.
(Take my 4.1BSD system--please!)  For portability, one should be programming
in what's common to System V and BSD.
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