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From: dfh@scirtp.UUCP (David F. Hinnant)
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Subject: better MS-DOS benchmarks?
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Date: Thu, 21-Nov-85 22:09:20 EST
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Posted: Thu Nov 21 22:09:20 1985
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Organization: SCI Systems, Research Triangle Park, NC
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  Has anyone come up with a series of benchmarks for MS-DOS?  I mean
more than the usual stuff seen in BYTE hardware reviews of PC's:

	a) Spreadsheet recalculation
	b) 40K file copy
	c) Sieve

and the infamous whetstone and dhrystone.

  Any pointers welcome.  If anyone has some good ideas for better MS-DOS
benchmarks, I'd like to hear them too.  All informative replies will be 
summarized and posted unless otherwise requested.

				David Hinnant
				SCI Systems, Inc.
				...{decvax, akgua}!mcnc!rti-sel!scirtp!dfh

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