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From: dfh@scirtp.UUCP (David F. Hinnant)
Subject: UNIX/C with RMX experience in Huntsville AL
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Date: Wed, 27-Nov-85 10:03:59 EST
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Posted: Wed Nov 27 10:03:59 1985
Date-Received: Thu, 28-Nov-85 23:35:05 EST
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Organization: SCI Systems, Research Triangle Park, NC
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The Financial Systems Department of the Computer Division at SCI
Systems, Inc is looking for two UNIX / "C" Programmers.

The work involves interfacing UNIX System V on the SCI 2000 to a I/O
processor board running RMX (for banking applications).  The SCI 2000 is
a 80286 based system with 80186 I/O processors.

SCI's Software Development Center in Research Triangle Park is involved 
in this project as well, and there will be a substantial amount of
interaction between the two positions in Huntsville and the folks here.

Successful candidates will have:

  o At least 2 years 'C' programming experience.

  o Substantial experience at the UNIX device driver level.

  o Experience with real-time systems, (e.g., RMX) (desirable).

  o IBM mainframe or banking applications software experience (desirable).

  o Intel architecture experience (This means some 8086 assembler) (desirable).

Electronic resumes will be forwarded, or contact:

          Ron Carlton
          5000 Technology Drive
          SCI Systems, Inc.
          Huntsville, AL 35805

Ma Bell:  (205) 882 4174
Or:       (205) 882 4800

**  Mention that you heard about the positions via Usenet. **

				David Hinnant
				SCI Systems, Inc.
				...{decvax, akgua}!mcnc!rti-sel!scirtp!dfh