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From: jg@mit-eddie.UUCP (Jim Gettys)
Newsgroups: net.unix-wizards,net.sources
Subject: X Window System Release 3 (Protocol Version 10) now available
Message-ID: <184@mit-eddie.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 14-Feb-86 14:49:39 EST
Article-I.D.: mit-eddi.184
Posted: Fri Feb 14 14:49:39 1986
Date-Received: Sun, 16-Feb-86 04:28:48 EST
Distribution: net.unix-wizards,net.sources
Organization: MIT, Cambridge, MA
Lines: 38

Release 3 of the X window system is now being shipped from MIT.

For those of you not familiar with X, X is a portable network
transparent window system for bitmap display terminals that runs under
Berkeley Unix.  X runs on DEC VS-100, VS1, VS2 and VS2/GPX displays;
also in this release is preliminary support for Sun workstations; our
thanks to Dave Rosenthal of Sun Microsystems for the Sun port.  The MIT
distribution distribution includes code for the VS100, VS1, VS2 and Sun
workstations; device dependent VAXstation 2/GPX binaries come with the
Ultrix-32W product and are not available from MIT.  This distribution
includes the device independent code for X and utilities developed
at MIT and a number of utilities developed elsewhere.  Our thanks to
Digital for contributing the Ultrix window manager.  Client programs
include a terminal emulator (~Vt102 and Tek4010), imagen previewer,
DVI previewer, clock, load monitor, several window managers, 
window dumpe/undump, bitmap editor, demo programs and a few utilities
of various sorts.

IBM RT/PC code is in the works and should be available roughly
simultaneously as 4.2A from IBM.  X DOES NOT RUN ON AIX (the System V
based product).  Other ports are in progress for several other
manufacturer's displays.

The cost is $100 and a copy of a Berkeley 4.2 source license.  If you
have no urgent need for a distribution, X will come on the 4.3BSD
tape as user contributed software.  

	Send requests for distributions to "",
or by U.S. Snail to:
		X Request
		Project Athena
		MIT E40
		77 Massachusetts Avenue
		Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
				Jim Gettys
				MIT/Project Athena

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