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Subject: Ultrix Product News From DEC
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Date: Sat, 17-May-86 10:56:37 EDT
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Posted: Sat May 17 10:56:37 1986
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[This is kinda long, but is actually multiple announcements.  I apologize
for the delay in getting it sent out (about 3 weeks).  I have no real
excuse, but between a week's vacation and a week at Comdex....  RWH]

This was released in Februrary but was virtually ignored by the press.
I am certinaly not a spokesman for DEC, but do think that these items
might be of interest and I suspect many people never read them.

For more information contact your DEC sales representative.  If that
fails, drop me a note.  avo...@decuac.UUCP (Frederick M. Avolio)


MAYNARD, MA - FEBRUARY 4, 1986 - Digital Equipment Corporation, expanding 
its commitment to the UNIX operating system market and its ULTRIXtm
operating system, today announced extended processor support, new product
releases, and new program announcements for its ULTRIX operating system.

I. ULTRIX-32 Operating System Version 1.2 Support Extended To New VAX 8650
The VAX 8650 processor is Digital's highest performing VAX computer for
timesharing applications running under the ULTRIX-32 operating system. 
The VAX 8650 system is as much as 44% faster than the VAX 8600tm system, 
giving a performance improvement of up to 6 times the VAX-11/780tm system.  
In addition, main memory capacity on both the VAX 8650 system and
the VAX 8600 system is now 68MB, more than double the previous limit of 32MB.
II. ULTRIX-32wtm Workstation Software For VAXstation II Workstation

Following the recent announcement of its UNIX operating system based
VAXstation II/GPXtm high performance color graphics workstation, Digital 
is pleased to announce ULTRIX-32w workstation software support for the 
VAXstation II workstation.  With ULTRIX-32w workstation software support,
the same ULTRIX-32m/X-Windows workstation environment is extended to the
monochrome VAXstation II workstation.
ULTRIX-32w workstation software for the VAXstation II workstation has all 
of the advanced features of the VAXstation II/GPX software environment with 
the exception of those features which are hardware dependent, such as color.  
Included are the X-window server and X-window manager, the GKS level 0.b 
with C and FORTRAN language bindings, and the X-term terminal emulator package
with VT102 and Tektronix 4014 terminal emulation.
ULTRIX-32w workstation software for a VAXstation-II workstation requires,
at a minimum, a 71Mb 5 1/4-inch Winchester Technology Disk Drive, 95Mb 
Half-inch Streaming Tape unit, and 2Mb of main memory (3Mb or more is 

III. Program Announcement To Implement Network File System (NFS)
Furthering our commitment to "open systems" and the UNIX* operating system
based technical workstation market, Digital announced a program to implement 
the protocols of Sun Microsystem's NFS for its computer systems running the 
ULTRIX operating system.

IV. ULTRIX-11 Operating System Version 3.0 Offers Many New Features
The ULTRIX-11 operating system version 3.0 runs on Digital's full line of
22-bit-addressing PDP-11tm computers, including the recently announced 
MicroPDP-11/83 desk side computer.  
Digital's latest ULTRIX-11 operating system version incorporates
TCP/IP software to provide users with networking capabilities.  This
provides users with electronic mail, remote file access, and access to
DECnet networks.  Other major enhancements made to the ULTRIX-11
operating system V3.0 include: disk I/O performance improvement, an
on-line help facility, new hardware support, as well as sources and
educational pricing made available.


MAYNARD, MA -- February 4, 1986 -- Digital Equipment Corporation today
announced it endorses the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers' (IEEE) user-driven portable operating system environment
standard.  Digital is committed to supporting the standard with our 

* UNIX is a trademark of AT&T

tm ULTRIX, ULTRIX-32, ULTRIX-32m, ULTRIX-32w, ULTRIX-11, VAX(-11/780,8600,8650)
VAXstation II, VAXstation II/GPX, PDP-11, MicroPDP-11, MicriVAX II, DECnet, and
the Digital logo are all trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation.
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