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Subject: POSIX/UNIX Conformance Test Workshop
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Date: Fri, 23-May-86 16:39:17 EDT
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Posted: Fri May 23 16:39:17 1986
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Organization: IEEE 1003 Portable Operating System for Computer Environments Committee
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From cincotta@ICST-SE Thu May 22 06:24:44 1986
Date: Thu, 22 May 86 07:23:27 edt
From: cincotta@ICST-SE (Cincotta)
Message-Id: <8605221123.AA10809@ICST-SE.ARPA>
Subject: POSIX/UNIX Conformance Test Workshop

  Testing Conformance to the Proposed IEEE P1003/FIPS Standard
       Portable Operating System for Computer Environments

The Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology (ICST) at  the
National  Bureau  of Standards (NBS) will hold a two-day workshop
on Testing Conformance to Software Standards.  Four  major  topic
areas  will  be addressed: (1) graphics; (2) data management; (3)
office systems/document interchange; and (4) UNIX-derived operat-
ing system environments [UNIX is a trademark of AT&T].

The workshop will be held June 9-10, 1986 at  NBS,  Gaithersburg,

NBS/ICST is considering adopting the  full  use  version  of  the
IEEE/P1003  Standard  for  Portable Operating System for Computer
Environments as a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
The  IEEE/P1003 standard is intended to provide a vendor indepen-
dent specification for UNIX-derived operating  systems.   It  was
approved  as  a trial use standard by IEEE in March, 1986.  It is
currently being evaluated via the IEEE trial use procedures.

In support of the planned Federal standard, ICST is exploring al-
ternatives for conformance testing.  This workshop is intended to
solicit vendor input on issues relating  to  conformance  testing
for the proposed Federal standard.

Issues to be addressed include:

        - test suite selection

        - test suite availability

        - test suite administration
                - who runs the tests
                - where the tests are run
                - when the tests are run
                - how results are certified

        - test suite maintenance

For more information on the "UNIX" workshop, contact either Roger
Martin or Tony Cincotta at (301) 921-3545.

For general information and registration, contact Candy Leatherman
at (301) 921-3553.

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