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From bcn@ATHENA.MIT.EDU  Tue Aug 12 21:59:07 1986
From: Clifford Neuman <bcn@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 86 21:51:55 EDT
To: treese
Subject: Kerberos release
Cc: geer, kerberos

The makefiles foer the new release are complete.  The release can
be found on castor in /projects/auth/release/860812.  A copy of the
README file follows:

This is the latest release of the kerberos software.  Run make clean,
make all, make install and the software will be installed in ./dist.
These are the files that should be installed in /krb on the
workstations.  They can go wherever you want as long as the link /krb
points to them.

login, kshd and rlogind should be installed on all timesharing systems
in the directory pointed to by /krb.  For the time being, John and I
will get this installed.  Also, on all timesharing system, a site
specific /etc/srvtab must exist.  John and I are also worrying about
this problem.  

In the last release, the file /etc/k_in_tkts was needed.  This file is
not needed this time around, and can be deleted.  Its continued
existence does not hurt anything though.  

libkrb.a and libdes.a should appear in /usr/athena/lib, and the
include files should appear somewhere that <> will work for them.   

Timesharing machines should have the two lines in
included in their inetd.conf file.  Once again, you should worry about
this for the fall release, but for now, John and I will worry about
it.  Also, /etc/services must have the lines appearing in 

Finally, please make links similar to those in /usr/hosts for all
athena machines in /krb.  Also, please add a link for eddie since it
is also using kerberos for authentication.

	~ Cliff

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