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From bcn@ATHENA.MIT.EDU  Tue Aug 19 21:57:25 1986
From: Clifford Neuman <bcn@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 86 19:53:53 EDT
To: geer
Subject: New release
Cc: asp, kerberos

There is a new version of kerberos available for friendly testers and
others who want it.  It can be found in ~auth/src/kerberos.tar on
menelaus.  As before, to use it, untar this file where you want the
new kerberos directory to go.  The tar file will create the directory
for you.  If you already have a local kerberos directory, delete it,
or move it before untaring the new release.  Once untared, set the
symbolic link "/krb" to point to the new directory.

If you are on a workstation and don't want the .a or .h files, feel
free to delete them.  It will give you back considerable space.
WARNING: if you run the old version of kinit you must use the old
verions of rlogin, rcp, etc, and vice versa.  Using different versions
of these commands will result in a segmentation fault because of
(infinite recursion).

The new release provides the following:

krb.conf	This file specifies your local realm on the first line
		and the kerbeors servers for various realms on the
		following lines.  Warning:  If not hosts are specified
		for the default realm, kinit will time out real fast
		as it "retries each of them" multiple times.

kinit 		no longer prints a message except for failures, or if you
		specify the "-c" (confirmation) flag.  It also allows you
		specify a realm with the "-r" flag.  This only works if
		you have hosts listed in /etc/krb.conf for that realm.
		kinit will also now try multiple kerberos servers if
		more than one has been specified in /krb.conf.

kdestroy	has a "-q" (quiet) and a "-f" (force) option.  The
		quiet option suppresses printing ^Gs wheras the force 
		option keeps it from printing anything.  Also, thanks
		to wesommer, kdestroy no zeroes the ticket file before
		unlinking it.

klogind		Assorted bug fixes.


realms		Are now supported.  You should not hardcode realm
		names when using kerberos.  You can, instead, use the
		routine krb_getrlm(s,1) to write the current realm 
		(from krb.conf) into the string pointed to by s.  The
		length of this string should be REALM_SZ.

prot v4		The initial exchange of tickets now uses protocol
		version 4.  This limits the number of tickets
		requested to 1.  The change will alow the kerberos
		server to be more resistant to errors since the lentgh
		of its response is now bounded.  The increment in 
		ther version number effects other exchanges as well.
		Version three will be phased out and no longer
		supported sometome around the 27th.

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