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Subject: announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals
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Date: Sat, 27-Sep-86 12:14:33 EDT
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Posted: Sat Sep 27 12:14:33 1986
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Organization: University of California at Berkeley
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                 BSD UNIX Manuals - The Next Chapter

As all members must  surely  know  by  now,  the  USENIX  Association-
sponsored  production  of 4.2BSD UNIX manuals has been an overwhelming
success.  There have now been four  separate  printings  since  April,
1984  (totaling  over  15,000  copies  of the five-volume manual set).
Membership response to the manuals has been very favorable,  including
such aspects as the new document organization (thanks to Sam Leffler),
the 6"x9" production format, and the inexpensive  pricing.   With  the
long-awaited  release of 4.3BSD now official however, a new version of
the manuals is  appropriate  as  well.   This  article  describes  the
changes  that  have  been incorporated into the new 4.3BSD manuals, as
well as details like when they will be available and  what  they  will

Nota Bene - Usenix's commitment to the 4.3BSD edition of manuals means
that  there  will  be  NO  additional printing runs of 4.2BSD manuals.
Since there are very few 4.2BSD manuals  remaining  in  our  inventory
(with  the  exception  of a few hundred UNIX Programmer's Manuals), if
you plan to order these older manuals it is imperative that you do  so
immediately.   When  current inventories of 4.2 manuals are exhausted,
no additional orders for the 4.2BSD version will be accepted.

The 4.3BSD manual sets are significantly  different  from  the  4.2BSD
edition;  changes include many additional documents, better quality of
reproductions, as well as a new and  extensive  indexing  system.   As
with  the  4.2  edition,  4.3BSD  manuals are being sold only in sets.
Pricing and ordering details are given below.

Manual Descriptions

The basic composition of the three manual sets is outlined here,  with
a  detailed  description  of  each volume's contents given later.  All
manuals are printed in a photo-reduced 6"x9" format with  individually
colored  and  labeled  plastic  ``GBC''  bindings.   All documents and
manual pages have been freshly typeset in order to provide top quality
reproduction  and all manuals have ``bleed tabs'' and page headers and
numbers to aid in the location of individual documents and manual sec-

        User's Manual Set (3 volumes)
                Volume 1, User's Reference Manual
                Volume 2, User's Supplementary Documents
                Volume 3, Master Index

        Programmer's Manual Set (3 volumes)
                Volume 1, Programmer's Reference Manual
                Volume 2, Programmer's Supplementary Documents
                Volume 3, Programmer's Supplementary Documents

        System Manager's Manual (1 volume)

While some manual sets are three separate volumes, you may only  order
complete  sets;  i.e. you cannot order a Volume 2 of the User's Manual
without also ordering Volumes 1 and 3.

Manual Contents

UNIX User's Reference Manual (URM)

     The following  sections  from  Volume  1  of  the  original  UNIX
Programmer's Manuals (UPM):  preface, introduction, table of contents,
permuted index, section 1 (commands), section 6 (games), and section 7

UNIX User's Supplementary Documents (USD)

     This volume contains documents which supplement the manual  pages
in  The UNIX User's Reference Manual for the Virtual VAX-11 version of
the system as distributed by U.C.  Berkeley, and Volumes 2a and 2b  as
provided by Bell Laboratories:

        Getting Started
                UNIX for Beginners - Second Edition
                Learn - Computer-Aided Instruction on UNIX (2nd Edition)

        Basic Utilities
                An Introduction to the UNIX Shell
                An Introduction to the C shell
                DC - An Interactive Desk Calculator
                BC - An Arbitrary Precision Desk-Calculator Language

        Communicating with the World
                Mail Reference Manual
                The Rand MH Message Handling System
                How to Read the Network News
                How to Use USENET Effectively
                Notesfile Reference Manual

        Text Editing
                A Tutorial Introduction to the UNIX Text Editor
                Advanced Editing on UNIX
                Edit: A Tutorial
                An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi
                Ex Reference Manual (Version 3.7)
                Jove Manual for UNIX Users
                SED - A Non-interactive Text Editor
                AWK - A Pattern Scanning and Processing Language (2nd Edition)

        Document Preparation
                Typing Documents on UNIX: Using the -ms Macros with
					  Troff and Nroff
                A Revised Version of -ms
                Writing Papers with nroff using -me
                -me Reference Manual
                NROFF/TROFF User's Manual
                A TROFF Tutorial
                A System for Typesetting Mathematics
                Typesetting Mathematics - User's Guide (2nd Edition)
                Tbl - A Program to Format Tables
                Refer - A Bibliography System
                Some Applications of Inverted Indexes on the UNIX System
                BIB - A Program for Formatting Bibliographies
                Writing Tools - The STYLE and DICTION Programs

                A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom
                Star Trek

Master Index

     This volume contains an extensive  index  which  cross-references
all  documents  and  manual  pages contained within all six volumes of
4.3BSD manuals.  The index was prepared with the aid of an  ``intelli-
gent''  automated  indexing program from Thinking Machines Corp. along
with considerable human intervention from  Mark  Seiden.   Key  words,
phrases  and  concepts are referenced by abbreviated document name and
page number.

UNIX Programmer's Reference Manual (PRM)

     The following sections from Volume 1 of the original  UPM:   sec-
tion  2  (system  calls),  section 3 (libraries), section 4 (devices),
section 5 (file formats).

UNIX Programmer's Supplementary Documents, Volume 1 (PS1)

     These two volumes contain documents which supplement  the  manual
pages in The UNIX Programmer's Reference Manual for the Virtual VAX-11
version of the system as distributed by U.C.  Berkeley.

        Languages in common use (other languages in Programmer's Supplement,
	volume 2)
                The C Programming Language - Reference Manual
                A Portable Fortran 77 Compiler
                Introduction to the f77 I/O Library
                Berkeley Pascal User's Manual
                Berkeley VAX/UNIX Assembler Reference Manual

        General Reference
                Berkeley Software Architecture Manual (4.3 Edition)
                An Introductory 4.3BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial
                An Advanced 4.3BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial

        Programming Tools
                Lint, A C Program Checker
                A Tutorial Introduction to ADB
                Debugging with dbx
                Make - A Program for Maintaining Computer Programs
                An Introduction to the Revision Control System
                An Introduction to the Source Code Control System
                YACC: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
                LEX - A Lexical Analyzer Generator
                The M4 Macro Processor

        Programming Libraries
                Screen Updating and Cursor Movement Optimization

UNIX Programmer's Supplementary Documents, Volume 2 (PS2)

        Documents of Historical Interest
                The UNIX Time-Sharing System
                UNIX 32/V - Summary
                UNIX Programming - Second Edition
                UNIX Implementation
                The UNIX I/O System

        Other Languages
                The Programming Language EFL
                Berkeley FP User's Manual
                Ratfor - A Preprocessor for a Rational FORTRAN
                The FRANZ LISP Manual

        Database Management
                Ingres (Version 8) Reference Manual

UNIX System Manager's Manual (SMM)

     This volume contains manual  pages  and  supplementary  documents
related  to  system  operation,  administration and maintenance and is
intended primarily for  system  administrators.   The  information  in
these documents applies to the Virtual VAX-11 version of the system as
distributed by U.C.  Berkeley.

        Section 8 of the original UPM

        System Installation and Administration
                Installing and Operating 4.3BSD on the VAX
                Building 4.3BSD UNIX Systems with Config
                Using ADB to Debug the Kernel
                Disc Quotas in a UNIX Environment
                Fsck - The UNIX File System Check Program
                Line Printer Spooler Manual
                Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide
                Timed Installation and Operation Guide
                UUCP Implementation Description
                USENET Version B Installation
                Name Server Operations Guide

        Supporting Documentation
                Bug Fixes and Changes in 4.3BSD
                Changes to the Kernel in 4.3BSD
                A Fast File System for UNIX
                4.3BSD Networking Implementation Notes
                Sendmail - An Internetwork Mail Router
                On the Security of UNIX
                Password Security - A Case History
                A Tour Through the Portable C Compiler
                Writing NROFF Terminal Descriptions
                A Dial-Up Network of UNIX Systems
                The Berkeley UNIX Time Synchronization Protocol


Manual prices are shown below.  This cost does  not  include  shipping
and  handling  from  New  Jersey, which will depending on the quantity
ordered and distance shipped.   Sites ordering manuals will be  billed
for postage and handling by the publisher (Howard Press).

        Manual                               Cost*
        User's Manual (3 volumes)            $25.00/set
        Programmer's Manual (3 volumes)      $25.00/set
        System Manager's Manual (1 volume)   $10.00/set

* Not including  postage  and  handling  or  applicable taxes.


Manuals will be available on or shortly after November 1st, 1986.   To
order,  you  must  return  a  completed  ``4.3BSD  Manual Reproduction
Authorization and Order Form'' to the Usenix office along with a check
or purchase order for the cost of the manuals.  Order Forms are avail-
able in the Sept/Oct edition of ;login: (scheduled  to  be  mailed  to
members  on  September  24th-26th)  or by calling the Usenix office at
(415) 528-8649.  You must be a  Usenix  Association  Institutional  or
Supporting  member  to order manuals.  Orders will be forwarded to the
publisher after license verification has been completed, and the manu-
als will be shipped to you directly from the publisher.

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