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From treese@ATHENA.MIT.EDU  Fri Oct 31 15:19:26 1986
From: treese@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 86 15:17:22 EST
To: kerberos
Subject: Code for January release
Us-Snail: E40-342B, 1 Amherst St, Cambridge, MA 02139

I need to nail down any changes to the Kerberos code that I have for
release in January.

In other words, are we changing anything from what is now distributed?

	- Win

From srz@athena.MIT.EDU  Fri Oct 31 16:27:03 1986
From: srz@athena.MIT.EDU
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 86 16:25:16 EST
Subject: Re:  Code for January release
Cc: kerberos@athena.MIT.EDU

I recall that the kerberos code that reached the workstations was not
the latest code that Cliff had.  Most of this had to do with different
realms.  I think 'kinit' and 'rlogin' might have changed since August.
Also, toehold needs to be recompiled with the latest kerberos library.
(And tested, of course)


From Saltzer@ATHENA.MIT.EDU  Fri Oct 31 20:19:49 1986
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 86 20:18:17 EST
To: kerberos@athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Re:  Code for January release
From: Jerome H. Saltzer <Saltzer@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Originating-Client:  <Saltzer-PC>

It seems to me that Jim VanSciver fixed several byte-order dependent
bugs in his integration of Kerberos with RVD on the RT.  Best make
sure those changes get picked up.


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