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From ostlund@ATHENA.MIT.EDU  Tue Nov  4 11:01:07 1986
From: ostlund@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 86 11:00:18 EST
To: kerberos
Subject: source code control transfer

    This week, Win and I will put together a release of the kerberos
    code from menelaus that will land on paris and thereafter be
    considered the master source.  Further development (now mainly
    being done by Dave Jedlinsky [opus], Chris Reed [panda], and
    Brian Murphy [hindmost]) will use the code from paris as the
    starting point, and will need to check code in and out through

    A consequence of this shift from menelaus to paris will be that
    the latest and greatest kerberos code now living on menelaus will
    become part of the January release.  If anyone knows of Kerberos
    work NOT now on menelaus (e.g., on styx) that should go into Win's
    master sources, please let us know THIS WEEK.  Thanks.

    I will continue to be the coordinator for the work Dave, Chris,
    and Brian are doing, will continue to be the password-changer,
    backup-checker, and general babysitter for the Kerberos machine,
    and will, of course, be including support for Kerberos in the
    SMS design.


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