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Subject: X Window System Conference
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Date: Thu, 4-Dec-86 09:30:00 EST
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Posted: Thu Dec  4 09:30:00 1986
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                          Meeting Announcement

            X Window System Users and Developers Conference

                       Thursday, January 15, 1987

                             Cambridge, MA

                General Chairman--Robert Scheifler, M.I.T.

                Program Chairman--Jim Gettys, Digital

                  Sponsored by M.I.T. Project Athena

  The X window system, developed at M.I.T. as a joint project between
  Project Athena and the Laboratory for Computer Science, is being
  implemented and used by many organizations, both educational and
  commercial.  The purpose of this conference is to bring together
  individuals and organizations interested in X.  Information from
  various organizations that are developing or using X will be
  shared.  This information will include:

        o Version 10 status
        o Differences between Version 10 and Version 11
        o Version 11 status and schedule
        o System software supporting X
        o Applications supporting X
        o hints and tools for developers
        o future developments

  All presentations will be given by individuals actively involved in
  developing the window system and applications under the window

Additional Agenda Topics
  People interested in presenting work on the X window system should
  send an abstract of a presentation to:

Electronic Mail (Arpanet)

Postal Service

        X Conference
        c/o Project Athena
        M.I.T. Room E40-342C
        77 Massachusetts Avenue
        Cambridge, MA 02319

X Extensions
An objective of the conference is to establish an organization and
procedure for controlling the extensions to X.  Possible initial
extensions include 3-D graphics and toolkits for building human

We would like to create a working group of active developers to
discuss extensions and toolkits.  The first meeting of this group is
planned for Friday, January 16.  If you are interested in
participating in this group, send a statement of qualifications to
the address below.  Participation in this group will be by invitation

  The meeting on January 15 is open to anyone interested in X.
  Please feel free to forward this invitation to others that might
  like to attend.

  Admission to the conference will be by ticket only.  To obtain a
  ticket, complete the attached form and return it by December 20 to
  the address given below.

  Attendees will be sent tickets and a complete agenda by January 7.
  Presenters who have submitted abstracts will be notified of the
  acceptance of their presentation by December 30.

Local Arrangements
  The meeting will take place on the M.I.T. campus, in Building 34,
  Room 101.  The building is located at 50 Vassar Street in

  Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and hotel

  There is essentially no parking available near M.I.T., so it is
  recommended that attendees select hotels close enough to M.I.T. to
  use public transportation or to walk.

  There will be no charge for the conference.

If you have questions, and cannot correspond via electronic mail, you
can reach Robert Scheifler at 617-253-0628.



X Window System Users and Developers Conference

Thursday, January 15, 1987

  M.I.T.   Cambridge, MA


To:     X Conference
        c/o Project Athena
        M.I.T. Room E40-342C
        77 Massachusetts Avenue
        Cambridge, MA 02319

I will attend the X Window System Conference.

Name            ___________________

Organization    ___________________

Street          ___________________

City/State/Zip  ___________________

Telephone       ___________________

Electronic mail ___________________

This form must be received by December 20, 1986.

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