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From: dfh@ecsvax.UUCP
Newsgroups: comp.sys.misc
Subject: Anyone interested in 4-8 user UNIX system for $4k?
Message-ID: <2919@ecsvax.UUCP>
Date: Thu, 16-Apr-87 11:24:41 EST
Article-I.D.: ecsvax.2919
Posted: Thu Apr 16 11:24:41 1987
Date-Received: Fri, 17-Apr-87 05:45:23 EST
Organization: SCI Systems, Inc.
Lines: 57

     We have the opporunity to obtain  a large number of 80186 based UNIX
System V systems from a very large US electronics manufacturer at a very
competitive price. This is a very solid entry level or development system
but with all the hype about 80386 I am looking at the viability before we
proceed.  These are current models and are still being sold to OEM's. The
basic configuration consists of an 8 Mhz 80186 with 1 Mbte memory, a 43 mbyte
disk drive (with room and power for a second drive),a single 360 K floppy
capable of reading and writing DOS diskettes,  8 serial ports and 1 parallel
port.  The version of UNIX V is IN/IX and is from INTERACTIVE System of
Santa Monica, CA.  This is a pedestal mount box with a full Unix development
system including "C", development utilities, communications(uucp, a 'cu'
equivalent, umodem), text formatting programs such as [nt]roff and several
editors such as vi, ed, and INed.  This also includes Berkeley enhancements
including csh. It supports 4 to 6 users with good response. This entire
package could be availible for $4000 plus shipping and tax.  Dealer discounts
would be possible.

       Optional Software packages already ported and availible from various
sources are:
	   LEX word processor
	   Informix - data base
	   Unify - data base
	   Ultracalc - spread sheet
	   Real World - accounting software
	   Business Accounting Control Systems - American Business Systems
	   Newport Technology's CONCEPT manufacturing package
	   FISCAL - retail package that supports scanners and includes basi
	   Garment industries package
	   Easy Link - a telex package
	   LOCUS - PC Interface for MS-DOS and unix integration
	   RM Cobol
	   FORTRAN 77
	   BASIC - Microsoft compatible
	   All of INTERACTIVE IN/ix products (mail, word processing,
	   networking, programmer's tool kit, etc.)

   Hardware options include
	 Larger disk drives (86 mbyte)
	 Up to 2 disk drives
	 Tape backup

If you are interested, please give me some idea of how serious you are.

Please send mail to {decvax,akgua}!mcnc!rti-sel!scirtp!boston!russ
		 or call at (617) 545-3510.

David Hinnant
SCI Systems, Inc.

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