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From: p...@lznv.ATT.COM (Paul S. R. Chisholm)
Subject: UNIX(R) tools for MS-DOS (list)
Message-ID: <1112@lznv.ATT.COM>
Date: Wed, 29-Jul-87 00:00:40 EDT
Article-I.D.: lznv.1112
Posted: Wed Jul 29 00:00:40 1987
Date-Received: Fri, 31-Jul-87 01:13:46 EDT
Organization: AT&T
Lines: 115
Keywords: UNIX tools MS-DOS

< "I'm *not* expendable, I'm *not* stupid, and I'm *NOT* going!" >

I've collected a list of UNIX(R)-like tools that run under MS-DOS(TM).  
A lot of this information is from Harry Avant's article, "UNIX Shells 
and Utilities for DOS PCs" in the June 1987 issue of UNIX/World; the 
rest is from various advertisements.  I'd be interested in others that 
any of you know, or experience you've had with them.  A collection of 
UNIX-like public domain and shareware tools was just posted to, but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.  
I'm primarily interested in supported commercial tools.  Please send 
mail to Internet, AT&T Mail !psrchisholm, or Usenet 
lznv!psc via mtune, allegra, cbosgd, ihnp4, or any other Action Central 
site.  -Paul S. R. Chisholm 

MKS Toolkit, $140US:  Mortice Kern Systems, 43 Bridgeport Road East, 
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  N2J 2J4, 519-884-2251.  Includes awk, 
banner, basename, c, cal, cat, cd, chmod, cmp, comm, cp, cpio, crypt, 
ctags, cut, date, dd, deroff, dev, df, diff, dirname, du, echo, ed, 
egrep, env, expand, expr, fg, fgrep, file, find, fmt, fold, getopt, 
grep, head, help, init, join, kill, lc, line, login, ls, mkdir, more, 
mv, nm, od, pack, passwd, paste, pcat, pr, prof, ps, pwd, rev, rm, 
rmdir, sed, sh (really ksh), size, sleep, sort, split, strings, strip, 
sum, switch, tail, tee, test, time, touch, tr, uname, unexpand, uniq, 
unpack, unstrip, vi (included, but also available separately), wc, 
which, who.  MasterCard and Visa accepted. 

Comments:  A friend of mine just ordered from them.  He said they 
sounded like sterotypical, "Great White North" Canadians.  He also said 
version 2.2 was shipping (registered users can upgrade for $45US; new 
disks, all new manuals.).  They have site licenses available (and some 
AT&T sites have them).  I've heard *very* good things about these 
people.  MKS vi still supports, but no longer requires, an ANSI device 
driver.  They're on Usenet somewhere, and provide support via phone, 
paper mail, and email!  Final note:  how come we Americans can't sell 
those nasty furriners *any* encryption software, but these Canadians 
can sell us crypt(1)?  (Flames to /dev/null, *please*!) 

PC/VI, $149; PC/TOOLS, $49; PC/SPELL, $49:  Custom Software Systems, PO 
Box 678, Natick, MA  01760, 617-653-2555.  Includes banner, bfs, cal, 
chmod, cut, diff, diffh, diff3, grep, head, make, od, paste, pr, rm, 
sed, see, sort, spell (separate package), split, strings, tail, touch, 
tr, vi (separate package), wc.  American Express, MasterCard, and Visa 

Comments:  They had the first good PC implementation of vi; I've heard 
good things about it.  Don't know anything about PC/TOOLS.  PC/SPELL 
does prefix and suffix stripping, but from the ad, it looks like just a 
spelling *checker*, not a spelling *corrector*. 

PCNX, $49:  Wendin, PO Box 3888, Spokane, WA  99220-3888, 509-624-8088.  
Includes at, cat, cmp, cp, cron, date, df, echo, false, file, find, 
finger, getty, grep, group, grppswd, head, kill, line, logname, lpd, 
lpr, ls, mail, mkdir, mkgroup, mkuser, more, mv, news, nice, nohup, od, 
passwd, pr, ps, rev, rm, rmdir, rmgroup, rmuser, sh, sleep, strings, 
stty, tail, tee, test, time, touch, true, tty, uniq, wc, who, whodo, 
write.  American Express, MasterCard, Visa accepted. 

Comments:  PCNX is a UNIX-like environment; not just UNIX-like tools, 
but multi-processing under MS-DOS.  I don't know if you can use these 
utilities from vanilla MS-DOS, or only while running PCNX.  Wendin is 
now pushing "Wendin-DOS", a $99 "multitasking, multiuser MS-DOS 
replacement".  Anyone know what's up in Spokane these days? 

PercentShell, $95:  Thompson Automation, PO Box 5163, Beaverton OR  
97006, 503-645-9434.  Includes cat, chmod, cmp, cp, cu, cut, df, diff, 
du, egrep, fgrep, grep, head, login, ls, mf, mkdir, more, mv, paste, 
pr, printenv, pwd, rm, rmdir, sed, sh (some csh/ksh functions), split, 
tail, tee, touch, tr, uudecode, uuencode, wc, whereis.

Micro C-Shell, $50; Micro C-Tools, $25; Micro Make, $25; Beckemeyer 
Development Tools, 478 Santa Clara Ave., Suite 300, Oakland CA  94610, 
415-452-1129.  Includes banner, cal, chmod, cmp, csh (separately),
date, dc, detab, diff, entab, fgrep, file, find, head, lpr, make, num,
od, pick, pr, rpl, sed, show, sort, split, strings, tail, tee, touch,
uniq, wc.

Comments:  also available for Atari ST. 

Utility Pack, $75:  Peak InfoSystems, 727 Manitou Ave., Manitou 
Springs, CO  80829, 303-685-1137.  Includes calendar, calpath, cat, cb, 
chgvol, chmod, cl, col, crypt, d, df, e, ed, extract, grep, latest, 
list, pg, prep, ptx1, ptx2, ptxpath, red, renum, sort, split, table, 
tail, tee, tolower, touch, tr, uniq, update, uptime. 

Comments:  cat (at least) knows about WordStar files (eighth bit on).  
Also includes disk twiddler, Epson printer utilities, and a loan 
amortization program (oh, gee!) 

DOS Helper, $50:  MetaWare, 903 Pacific Ave., Suite 201, Santa Cruz CA  
95060-4429, 408-429-6382.  Includes cat, find, fgrep, ls, mv, tail, 
uniq, wc.

Comments:  find knows how to create (UNIX-compatible??) "tar" archives. 

Aztek C86-d Developer System, $299:  Manx Software Systems, 1 
Industrial Way, Eatontown NJ  07724, 800-221-0440, 205-542-2121. 
American Express, MasterCard, Visa accepted.  Includes cc, diff, grep, 
make, vi. 

Comments:  This is really a C compiler with some UNIX-like utilities.  
Anyone know if the utilities are available separately?  Also available 
for Apple II, TRS-80, CP/M-80, Macintosh, Amiga. 

Text Management Utilities, $120:  Lattice, PO Box 3072, Glen Ellyn IL  
60138, 312-858-7950.  Includes diff, ed, grep, wc, and non-UNIX 
utilities (build, extract, files, splat). 

Personal PVCS, $149; PVCS, $395:  Polytron, 1815 NW 169th Pl., 
Beaverton OR  97006, 800-547-4000, 503-684-3000. 

Comments:  A "Version Control System".  They also sell a $150 make. 

UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T.
MS-DOS is a trademark of Microsoft.
I'm not speaking for my employer, I'm just speaking my mind. 

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From: ga...@hpfcph.HP.COM ( Gary Quakenbush)
Subject: Need PC-VI
Message-ID: <3540011@hpfcph.HP.COM>
Date: Thu, 30-Jul-87 13:35:19 EDT
Article-I.D.: hpfcph.3540011
Posted: Thu Jul 30 13:35:19 1987
Date-Received: Sun, 2-Aug-87 23:42:49 EDT
Organization: HP Ft. Collins
Lines: 8

Could someone post source or binary in appropriate notes file for
PC-VI (a unix-like vi editor that runs on a PC)?

I'm assuming this is available for public distribution.  If its not
public, how about a pointer to where it could be ordered.

Gary Quakenbush
HP, Fort Collins, Colorado

Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
Path: utzoo!mnetor!uunet!seismo!gatech!bloom-beacon!husc6!spdcc!m2c!
From: boy...@custom.UUCP (Joseph Boykin)
Subject: Re: Need PC-VI
Message-ID: <761@custom.UUCP>
Date: Mon, 3-Aug-87 08:49:58 EDT
Article-I.D.: custom.761
Posted: Mon Aug  3 08:49:58 1987
Date-Received: Tue, 4-Aug-87 03:00:15 EDT
References: <3540011@hpfcph.HP.COM>
Organization: Custom Software Systems; Natick, MA
Lines: 22
Summary: NOT Public Domain

In article <3540...@hpfcph.HP.COM>, ga...@hpfcph.HP.COM 
( Gary Quakenbush) writes:
> Could someone post source or binary in appropriate notes file for
> PC-VI (a unix-like vi editor that runs on a PC)?
> I'm assuming this is available for public distribution.  If its not
> public, how about a pointer to where it could be ordered.

PC/VI is most definately *NOT* in the public domain.  It is a 
commerical product of (my company) Custom Software Systems.
This, as well as other UNIX software for DOS is available from:

	Custom Software Systems
	PO Box 678
	Natick, MA   01760

Please call or write for additional information; we really don't
like using the net for commercial purposes.

Joe Boykin
Custom Software Systems

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