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Subject: Announcing Release 2 of the X Window System, Version 11
Message-ID: <3647@mit-vax.LCS.MIT.EDU>
Date: 1 Mar 88 16:05:57 GMT
Sender: jim@mit-vax.LCS.MIT.EDU
Organization: X Consortium, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Lines: 59
Keywords: R2, new and improved
Summary: Come and get it!

The X Consortium and the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science are proud to
announce the second release of the X Window System, Version 11.  Highlights of
this version include:

    o  many, many bugs have been fixed
    o  better documentation
    o  sources for 4 fast, color servers
    o  standard -display and -geometry command line arguments
    o  first release of the X Toolkit specification and sample implementation 
    o  performance enhancements in Xlib
    o  new Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
    o  X10 to X11 protocol converter for running X10 programs on X11 displays
    o  more powerful default resource specification format
    o  lots of new user-contributed software, including:
           -  Andrew Toolkit
           -  Xrlib toolkit
           -  MetaFont GF to X BDF font converter
           -  Kanji xterm and public domain Kanji font
           -  TeXX dvi file previewer

Release 2 is substantially more robust than the previous version, and should
provide a firm foundation upon which applications may be developed.  The X
Protocol has not changed since the last release, and the only incompatible
changes in Xlib are in the Resource Manager and the extension mechanism.  In
addition, supported client programs have been converted to use the new -display
and -geometry command line options.

Beginning with this release, the core software, which is supported by the staff
of the X Consortium, and the user-contributed software have been split into two
separate distributions.  Sites that have access to the Internet can retrieve
both distributions from either of the following machines using anonymous ftp
from the directory pub/X.V11R2/:

    East Coast: (
    West Coast: (, bits will be there soon)

Please use the machine nearest you as there is 18 megabytes of compressed
and split tar files to collect.

Both distributions (we STRONGLY recommend that you to obtain the full set) are
available on 1600 BPI tapes in tar(1) format from the MIT Software Distribution
Center, along with printed copies of the major manuals, for $400 ($200 per

To order the full release, please send your request and check to:

			MIT Software Distribution Center
			room E32-300
			77 Massachusetts Avenue
			Cambridge, MA  02139

Their telephone number is (617) 253-6966.

					          Bob Scheifler, Jim Fulton
					                       X Consortium
					MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

(*) X Window System is a trademark of MIT.

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