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Path: utzoo!mnetor!uunet!husc6!yale!cmcl2!nrl-cmf!ames!lll-tis!elxsi!beatnix!gww
From: g...@beatnix.UUCP (Gary Winiger)
Newsgroups: comp.bugs.4bsd
Subject: Password aging for 4.3BSD.
Message-ID: <742@elxsi.UUCP>
Date: 12 Mar 88 23:54:10 GMT
Sender: nob...@elxsi.UUCP
Reply-To: g...@beatnix.UUCP (Gary Winiger)
Organization: ELXSI Super Computers, San Jose
Lines: 49

	Some time ago a request was posted to the net (comp.bugs.4bsd, I
believe) for a password aging package for 4.3BSD.  At that time I was thinking
about doing one, but didn't post a follow up.  I've since completed the package
I was thinking about.  The kind folk at Elxsi have allowed me to post it for
the use of the Berkeley Unix community.  Since it's rather long (3 shar's), I
don't feel it's right to post it to a bugs group.  I've mailed a copy to Keith
Bostic (ucbvax!bostic) and will post it to alt.sources today.

	The package is three shars.  Parts 1 and 2 are diffs and documentation,
Part 3 is new administrative code.

	The package provides a shadow password file that is read only to root
that contains the passwords.  /etc/passwd retains a place holder for the
passwords.  The GECOS field in the shadow password file is formated to contain
password aging information.  Login(1) will check to see if the users password
has expired and demand the user change password before completing the login

	On Monday 14 Mar, I'll be starting a new position at Sun.  At least
for a little while, I'll still be getting Email through Elxsi so I can respond
to any immediate questions or requests.

The following is the README from the shars:
   ``The files in this shar comprise enhancements made to the 4.3BSD password
system at ELXSI they will be avaliable on ELXSI ENIX BSD systems with the
forthcoming 4.3BSD release of ENIX BSD.  They are offered to the UNIX community
so that they may be of use to others.  There are context diffs for the 4.3
utilities and man pages modified as well as two new utilities and accompaning
man pages.  The file ``'' is an extract from the ELXSI document
``Installing and Operating ENIX BSD'' which is part of the ELXSI 4.3BSD ENIX
	The new code and man pages is available for all to use with the
following provisos:

	o It is copyrighted by ELXSI.
 	o It may be distributed within the following restrictions:
 		(1) It may not be sold at a profit.
 		(2) The credit and Copyright notice must remain intact.
 	o It may be distributed with other software by a commercial
	  vendor, provided that it is included at no additional charge.

	Please report bugs to "...!{sun,uunet}!elxsi!gww".



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