AT&T Issues Statement Regarding Open Software Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 1988 -- PRNewswire -- AT&T has issued the following statement by Robert M. Kavner, president of AT&T's Data Systems Group, in response to today's press conference held by a consortium of computer companies called the Open Software Foundation:

"Today's announcement recognizes the momentum behind open systems and standards. Several computer industry giants that base their businesses on closed, proprietary systems have acknowledged the power of open systems. This announcement is a testimony to all of us in the industry -- customers and vendors alike -- who have long been advocating open standards.

"AT&T has been and remains committed to a single UNIX System standard -- a standard that customers have already defined as their de facto choice. We feel our record speaks for itself. We have been and will be taking further steps to ensure the openness of UNIX System V.

"On the other hand, this new group has no track record. We question the process whereby several competitors -- most of whom have only developed closed systems -- are now going to develop an open operating system.

"We are not joining this group because we have these concerns and because we believe the industry needs us to continue the momentum and development of the UNIX System V platform. We've worked too hard to further open systems to leave the future of open computing platforms to an untested consortium composed of members with inherently conflicting motives.

"Finally, we promise customers that we will continue to work with the industry, including members of this consortium, to maintain a single UNIX system standard. If this group comes up with something that the industry considers valuable, we will applaud their efforts and incorporate it into the UNIX System V standard."

/CONTACT: Jim McGann of AT&T, 201-221-5062/

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