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daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (Jennifer Steiner)
Wed May 25 17:55:49 1988

To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
From: Jennifer Steiner <steiner@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

Beta testers,

Below is an addendum to the "Kerberos Installation Notes"



The directory SRCDIR/appl/erlogin contains some code
based on rlogin[d], modified by Don Davis of Project
Athena to do the following:

erlogin is a rewritten version of 4.3bsd rlogin(d). it causes the remote
login session to share the invoker's DISPLAY environment-variable/value,
and can readily be modified to pass other environment variables/values.
it offers kerberos authentication, but can talk to hosts that don't support
kerberos. it is intended to be backwards compatible with 4.2bsd rlogin.

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USENET (Users’ Network) was a bulletin board shared among many computer
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