Information Technology

Advanced Network For Bond University, Australia

By Bridget Dougherty
Australian Financial Review

July 11, 1988

The new Bond University will provide world-leading technology transfer at a grass roots level when it opens its doors to students in May next year.

The private university, to be based just outside of Brisbane, is believed to be spending $100 million on one of the most comprehensive computer and technology networks in the world, and is negotiating with major computer companies to undertake their research and development on campus.

This will allow students to be involved in the major technological advances being developed in Australia, and will provide companies with access to some of the best home-grown computer specialists.

Mr David Adams, the assistant director of computer and information technology at Bond University, said the campus will be a gateway for technology in Australia.

"We are presently at the final stages of negotiations with a number of major computer companies in Australia," he said. He would not name the companies.

The computer network is based on Project Athena at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Providing the capabilities for the high speed network involves installing fibre optic cabling as each building goes up.

The university system will be linked to the Bond Satellite communications network, providing students with direct links to both the campus library and libraries in the US.

While the only equipment to be ordered so far are six Microvaxes from Digital, the open computing policy the university has adopted means a number of companies will be represented.

Mr Adams said that Digital, Apple, Pyramid and NEC have all established a relationship with the university.


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