IBM Joins X-Open In Support Of Open Systems

RYE BROOK, N.Y., July 25, 1988 -- PRNewswire -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) said today's announcement of its membership in X/Open reinforces the company's support of open systems and its AIX operating system.

X/Open, founded in 1984, is an international organization working to help create a Common Application Environment. The organization, based in London, works with computer users, the the software industry and hardware vendors.

"Today's announcement is further evidence of IBM's commitment to provide open systems to customers who desire them, and to our AIX operating system family of products," said IBM Chairman John F. Akers. "X/Open is an important international forum for defining open software and hardware. IBM's AIX systems represent a key strategy that is consistent with X/Open's goals and directions."

IBM, as part of the membership agreement with X/Open, will provide technical, business and marketing resources in support of the organization's goals.

Other IBM commitments in support of open systems and the AIX operating system this year include:

-- A Feb. 9 statement of direction that the company intends "to offer a complete set of UNIX-based solutions to customers in the technical, engineering/scientific communities, and the commercial UNIX multi-user environment."

-- A March 15 announcement that extended the AIX operating system to the company's most powerful processors, AIX/370. This announcement means customers will have common operating systems, applications, communications features and documentation on IBM processors ranging from the Personal System/2 Model 70 through the RT Personal Computer and the 9370 Information System to the 4381 processor and the largest 3090 systems.

-- A May 17 announcement that IBM had joined with six other leading computer companies to form the Open Software Foundation.

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