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daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (Jennifer Steiner)
Thu Aug 11 08:31:49 1988

To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
From: Jennifer Steiner <steiner@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

From: (Michael T. Stolarchuk)


There has been some public announcement about the UofM-IBM
contract to develop the IFS (institutional file system).
The project is beginning with the AFS from CMU. We currently
plan to provide AFS facilites on our IBM 3090-600E, with 
some more local intermediate servers.  The AFS code will
be moved into an MVS environment, a CMS (VM/370) environment,
and of course AIX 370.  We want to stay protocol compatable
with CMU so that we can use CMU's file systems too.

The project's goal is to provide an instituional wide
file system for all of the machines which want to be connected.
Services will be provided so that clients can connect to
the IFS, unaware of whether the operating system which is
providing the service is MVS.

Some University officials believe the UofM community will
need support for 30,000 workstations within a few years.
Currently the university has over 500 advanced function workstations,
and about 2000 public limited function workstations.

Because of the different vendors involved, and the different
environments, we will need some mechanism for distributed
authentication.  We already have this problem with services
we would like to provide on the IBM mainframe -- printing and
backup services.  Kerberos would help us begin integrating
these sevices into our distributed environment.


daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (Jennifer Steiner)
Fri Sep 23 12:29:34 1988

To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
From: Jennifer Steiner <steiner@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

Keith Bostic, UC Berkeley:

 We're interested in integrating Kerberos and Hesiod into the 4BSD
 distribution.  We'll be running it on CCI 6/32's, MIPs and VAXen,
 approximately 15 machines.

daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (Jennifer Steiner)
Tue Sep 27 17:41:23 1988

To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
From: Jennifer Steiner <steiner@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

From: David A Rasmussen <>

  The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Computing Services
  Division, is a supplier of computing resources for researchers and
  students on our campus.  We currently maintain a Unisys 7000/40
  supermini running 4.3 Tahoe source release, a Unisys 1100/81A
  running Exec, a number of small 68010 based machines and VAXstations
  to support our networking and printer traffic.  We also provide
  campus gateway services to supercomputer centers and the Internet
  via an ISI 68010 box and some Proteon routers for other departments
  who have their own machines including VAXen, workstations, and
  assorted PC type machines.

  We are currently looking into subnetting PC's with SLIP and
  Ethernet, and Kerberos sounds like it may have applications in
  the management of some of this.  We are also expanding our user
  management software to deal with mailing lists, project groups,
  multiple machines, and such, and if and when SMS gets released,
  hopefully we will have a basic understanding of Kerberos, which
  it seems to depend upon.  From reading the paper on SMS it
  encompasses more than our equivalent package will as currently

daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (John T Kohl)
Thu Dec 15 15:29:31 1988

From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

I'm pleased to announce that Cray Research of Mendota Heights, MN, has
become another Kerberos beta-test site.

Hunaid Engineer ( is coordinating their test of

"[Cray's enviroment] has a few hundred Sun Workstations, a few VAXes
(running VMS and UNIX), IBM 4381, Amdahl, and of course Crays.  The Cray
X-MP, Cray Y-MP and Cray-2 run UNICOS (system V compatible with Berkeley
enhancements) and support TCP/IP, NFS and the X Window System."

John Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Digital Equipment Corporation/MIT Project Athena

daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (John T Kohl)
Tue Dec 20 10:02:30 1988

From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

I am pleased to announce that The Pennsylvania State University is now
beta-testing Kerberos.

Dan Ehrlich ( is coordinating their testing.  He
describes their environment as:

The environment we would most likely try Kerberos and Hesiod in would
consist of fifty IBM RT6152 Academic Systems and seven IBM RT6150 Model
125 RT Systems acting as file servers.  All of these machines will be
running IBM AOS 4.3 release 2.  Eventually we would like to include all
of the systems in the department.  These additional systems are mostly
Sun Microsystems workstations.

John Kohl < jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
Digital Equipment Corporation/MIT Project Athena
Kerberos Development team leader

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