Open Software Foundation's Request For Technology Draws Strong Industry Response

39 Submissions from U.S., Europe, Pacific Rim

LAWRENCE, Mass., Sept. 20, 1988 -- PRNewswire -- The Open Software Foundation today announced that its request for technologies (RFT) for a graphical user interface has drawn 39 responses from the international computing industry.

The 39 submissions come from the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, and represent offerings from systems vendors, software vendors, research institutions and universities, and an end-user computing organization. OSF said that it expects that more than 20 of the submissions will conform to the RFT's mandatory criteria. These submitters will be invited to present their technologies to OSF members for review at OSF's first membership meeting, scheduled for Sept. 27-29 in Andover, Mass.

Issued July 19, the RFT called for submission of appropriate technologies, for consideration as the user environment component of OSF's operating system software. OSF is developing and will deliver within the next 18 to 24 months an open, standard operating system environment with extensions and utilities, using core technology from a future version of IBM's UNIX-based AIX system software as a development base. In developing its system, OSF will incorporate established standards where they exist, and develop new standards where none exist, via a unique open development process that solicits input from the industry and users.

OSF is the first member-sponsored research and development organization aimed at bringing worldwide acceptance to a single standard for open software. OSF membership provides vendors and users with input into the development process and early access to specifications and code.

"We're extremely encouraged by the overwhelming response of the industry to our technology solicitation effort," said Henry Crouse, president of OSF. "It is significant not only in its magnitude, but also in the breadth of technologies and number of innovative submissions. This response acknowledges the critical importance of a standard user interface, as well as the open process as the appropriate mechanism for achieving this standard."

OSF said that a list of the qualifying technologies will be released next week in conjunction with the membership meeting.

Submitters will demonstrate their technology to the OSF members in 30-minute presentations and brief hands-on demonstrations. Members will comment on the technologies at a members-only session, and will have the opportunity to review any technology independently and in detail during the following four weeks. Final member input will be collected at a subsequent membership meeting Nov. 2-4. Following this meeting, OSF staff will complete its review and evaluation process, and will publish OSF's decision and rationale.

The formation of OSF was announced May 17, 1988. The foundation has a management organization, staff, and a funding commitment in excess of $100 million over the next three years. Its initial development will be based on technologies offered by the industry and its own worldwide research efforts. OSF currently has 40 sponsors and members, including six announced last week: Concurrent Computer Corporation, Data Logic Ltd., Interactive Systems corp., Interfirm Graphic Systems, Mentor Graphics Corporation and the University of Southern California.

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