Hitachi Joins Open Software Foundation As Group's First Japanese Corporate Sponsor

TOKYO, Sept. 29, 1988 -- PRNewswire -- Hitachi, Ltd., has become a sponsor of the Open Software Foundation (OSF), an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to development and delivery of an open, portable software environment in which computer vendors and users have input and access.

Hitachi is the first Japanese company to join OSF as a sponsor, rather than simply a member. This designation, which includes a seat on the OSF board of directors, confirms Hitachi's strong commitment to the foundation's goals. As a sponsor, Hitachi will provide guidance and direction to the OSF.

In recent years, there has been a rapid expansion in both the demand and relative importance of computer system software. At the same time, there has been increasing diversification in software- development environments.

OSF activities to establish a standardized international softwareenvironment have thus taken on greater significance, since the realization of such an environment will enable users to take greater advantage of a wide variety of software developed by different companies.

As a company with wide-ranging international operations in the computer field, Hitachi considers it a corporate responsibility to promote the interest of computer users world-wide. The firm believes this purpose can best be served through vigorous cooperation toward standardization within the OSF framework.

Hitachi expects to play a particularly important role in OSF activities in Japan.

Based on the specifications of POSIX(1) (Portable Operating System for Computer Environments), an operating system standard closely related to UNIX(2), OSF is proceeding with development of an application interface, high-level expansion of system functions and a standardized software environment (including a new operating system).

In view of the importance of the UNIX-based system market, Hitachi has long focused resources on expanding and reinforcing its lineup of related hardware and software in computer-related sectors, ranging from workstations to mainframes. The company will continue its efforts to respond to user needs, particularly by incorporating OSF results into its products.

The Open Software Foundation, based in Cambridge, Mass., is headed by Henry Crouse, president. John Doyle, executive vice president, Hewlett-Packard, is chairman of the board.

(1) POSIX is equivalent to IEEE standard 1003.

(2) UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T.

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