Unisys Announces SCO(TM) XENIX(R) System V 2.3 Availability

By Steven L. Lubetkin
Business Wire

November 17, 1988

Blue Bell, PA -- Unisys Corp. has announced the availability of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc.'s SCO(TM) XENIX(R) System V/Release 2.3 for use with Unisys Intel 80386)-based Personal Workstation2 (PW2) family of personal computers.

Unisys has sold more than 20,000 copies of the SCO XENIX operating system since it was first introduced with the company's personal computers in 1984, making Unisys the largest computer industry reseller of SCO XENIX.

"The addition of XENIX Release 2.3 to the Unisys product family illustrates our continued emphasis on providing Open Systems operating environments for the PW2 line," said Neal M. Waddington, vice president, corporate program management.

"By providing users of Unisys PC platforms with the same multitasking, multiuser applications available for larger UNIX systems, SCO XENIX has played a key role in establishing Unisys reputation for incorporating exceptional value in our UNIX-based products, and our entire product offering, from PCs to minicomputers, to mainframes."

"The Unisys emphasis on open computing environments directly complements our product development philosophy at SCO," said Doug Michels, SCO vice president and co-founder. "The SCO XENIX 386 Operating System Release 2.3 provides full binary compatibility with UNIX System V/386 Release 3.1 and beyond.

"In addition, it is fully compliant with the X/Open Common Applications Environment (CAE) interface, readily adaptable to the forthcoming IEEE Portable Operating Systems Interface (POSIX) specification, and available today."

The new SCO XENIX release offers such enhancements as mouse device support, VGA graphics capability, improved coprocessor performance, new communications support via the addition of Honey Dan Ber UUCP and extended multiscreen console support. Unisys also announced the availability of upgrades for current Unisys SCO XENIX users and the availability of an International Supplement for 7- and 8-bit terminal support.

"The global marketplace generates a significant proportion of our UNIX and XENIX sales, so this new XENIX release, plus the International Supplement and its significant enhancements are positive evidence of the customer-responsiveness of our worldwide personal computer efforts," said Trevor T. Dodd, Unisys program manager, personal computers.

The SCO XENIX System V Release 2.3 (XNX 386-OS) is priced at $695 and is available for the PW2 Series 800/16, 800/20 and 850/16. Upgrades to Release 2.3 (XNU-386-OS) are available at $195. The International Supplement for current users is (XNX 286-386-OS) offered at $395.

In addition, Unisys offers an International Supplement for users of the XENIX Development Systems. The International Supplement for XENIX Development Systems for the PC/IT, PC/microIT, and PW2 Series 500 (XNX-286-ISD), priced at $395, and for the PW2 Series 800/16, 800/20 and 850/16 (XNX-386-ISD), priced at $495.

The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. is a privately owned, self-funded company recognized internationally as a leading developer and supplier of premier XENIX and UNIX system multiuser business software solutions, training and support services. Founded in 1979, SCO fields a staff of more than 700 between its Santa Cruz, Calif.; Washington; and London offices, including the largest XENIX technical team in the world.

Unisys Corp. is a $10 billion manufacturer of commercial information systems, defense systems and related services. It has more than 90,000 employees and 60,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

EDITORS' NOTES: UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. SCO is a trademark of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. XENIX is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. PW2, PC/IT, PC/HT, PC/microIT and Unisys are trademarks of Unisys Corp. Intel 80386 is a trademark of Intel Corp.

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