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From: j...@rpp386.Dallas.TX.US (John F. Haugh II)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.wizards,comp.unix.xenix
Subject: login(1) replacement beta copies available
Message-ID: <8697@rpp386.Dallas.TX.US>
Date: 18 Nov 88 15:01:07 GMT
Organization: River Parishes Programming, Dallas TX
Lines: 33

I have finished [ ha! ] the login clone I've been working on.
The package includes replacements for login, su and passwd.
It has some interesting feature you might want to play with,
here is a short list:

	- Shadow password file.
	- Password aging.
	- Login-time environmental variable setting.
	- Optional mandatory passwords for blank entries.
	- Restricted root logins.
	- Optional mailbox checking.
	- Optional message of the day printing.
	- .hushlogin functionality.
	- Last login time accounting ala' lastlog.
	- su use accounting.
	- Login time setting of ulimit, umask and nice.
	- Terminal messages configurable on or off.
	- Subsystem root logins.

All of the more modern logins have most these features, but
now you can have all of them.  And since it is source, you
can add your own.

Anyone who wants to beta test a copy  [ first couple requests
only ] send a reasonable address, and I'll ship you a copy
of the shar file.  It currently compiles cleanly on Xenix,
so let's hear from other systems.
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