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daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (John T Kohl)
Thu Jan 12 14:09:46 1989

From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
To: kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

Project Athena is expecting to release the Kerberos code for public
distribution before the Usenix Conference later this month.

If you have encountered problems with the beta-test code, please
send reports to "", and we will try to
squash as many bugs as time permits.  [Hopefully many of them have
already been squashed!]

We are planning to release:
	Base Kerberos code:
		application library
			libkrb, libkdb, libkadm
			libdes (USA only, for the moment)
		KDC code
		administration tools
		user tools
	client programs:
		sample client & server
		latest Berkeley r-command suite (the versions
			with no redistribution restrictions)

The released version will certainly work on VAX (4.3BSD), and IBM RT/PC
(AOS 4.3).  Other operating systems/hardware platforms will be tested as
time permits (Suns, VAX/Ultrix, others).

John Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU> Digital Equipment Corporation/Project Athena

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