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From: t...@WHEATIES.AI.MIT.EDU (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
Newsgroups: gnu.announce,gnu.chess,gnu.config,gnu.emacs,gnu.emacs.bug,gnu.g++,
Subject: 1) GNU BOF (Birds of a Feather Session) at San Diego Usenix
	 2) freed files from 4.3BSD-tahoe release added to FSF
	    compiler tape
Message-ID: <>
Date: 25 Jan 89 05:12:30 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: Project GNU, Free Software Foundation,
         675 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA  02139, USA   +1 (617) 876-3296
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{this is also serving as a test of the lists.}

1) I will be hosting a GNU (GNU's Not Unix) BOF at the San Diego
Usenix.  The BOF is scheduled for 8:30 pm Tuesday, 31 Jan 89, but
double check the BOF Board near the Registration area at USENIX.

The goals are to meet past, present and future GNU contributors; and to
answer questions about the project and the Free Software Foundation.

2) FSF is including the freed files from the 4.3BSD-tahoe distribution
on our Compiler (a.k.a. Beta) tape.  These are the files that are
marked by Berkeley as not containing any AT&T code.  They are in the
same directory format as they were in the 4.3BSD-tahoe distribution,
which was made earlier this year.

There are over 1,300 separate files.  Many of the directories are not
complete enough to actually build the relevant software.  Note that
the 4.3BSD networking code release just announced by Berkeley is not
entirely included.  It is not possible to build a complete running
operating system from these files.

FSF obtained these files from with the assistance of Rick
Adams and the UUNET staff.

Dan Lanciani <> has separately made available a
4.3tahoe source tree containing only those files marked as freely
distributable for anonymous ftp from in pub/tahoe.

Future release from Berkeley should contain even more freed source.
We plan to update our tapes to include them.  Some of the software may
eventually become part of GNU, but those decisions are in the future.

Note that the freed Berkeley source code is *not* public-domain.
However, as it contains no code licensed by AT&T or others, it is
owned by the Regents of the University of California, Berkeley.  It is
provided as-is, without any warranty, for any purpose.  It may be
used, modified or redistributed in source or binary forms, as long as
due credit is given to the University and the University copyright
notices are retained.  No previous license, either AT&T or Berkeley is

Information on how to order the tape is available from:

Any bugs in this software, that aren't due to the missing non-freed
files, can be reported to the USENET newsgroup comp.bugs.4bsd.

enjoy -len

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