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daemon@TELECOM.MIT.EDU (Rich Salz)
Sat Mar 11 12:54:59 1989

From: Rich Salz <rsalz@BBN.COM>
Cc:, kre@munnari.oz

A DES package written in Finland was posted to the Usenet newsgroup
comp.sources.unix by someone in Australia.  It was designed to be
plug-compatible with the Kerberos routines.  We have been using a
"sub-moderator" for non-US postings for quite some time, so I'm not too
surprised Mr. Louko found it "easier" to send his posting to Mr. Elz.

The code can be found in in two compressed source files as:
if you need help, drop me a line.  As a comp.sources.unix posting
(gatewayed into the unix-sources mailing list) this code is archived at
(literally) dozens of spots around the world.

I expect this will make Commerce's/State's job a little trickier.

Replies to me are probably best, I don't think everyone is interested in
all the gory details.
	/rich $alz

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