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Newsgroups: 	comp.newprod
Subject: 	UUNET Source archives available on tape
Date: 		13 Jul 89 21:59:28 GMT

		UUNET Source Archives on Tape

By popular demand, UUNET Communications Services is making its
collection of freely redistributable UNIX source archives available
on tape to any interested parties.

UUNET has over 500 megabytes of source archives on line for UUNET
subscribers to access. These archives are now available to anyone. They
are distributed on two 6250 bpi 1/2" tapes or FIVE 1/4" cartridge tapes
(QIC-24, Archive 60 megabyte tapes, E.g. Sun compatible). All files on
the tape are compressed (except the compress program itself) to save
space. The all inclusive cost of these tapes with prepayment is $200
for the 1/2" tapes or $350 for the 1/4" tapes. If you require us to
process a purchase order or to invoice you, add $50 for processing
costs (I.e. $250 for the 1/2" tapes and $400 for the 1/4" tapes).

All sources are the latest available versions at the time the tape is
written. Included on the tapes are the MIT X Window System, Version 11
Release 3 plus fixes and lots of contributed software (110 megabytes);
the complete comp.sources.unix archive (56 megabytes); the TEX text
processing system (46 megabytes); all available GNU software (35
megabytes); the complete archive (20 megabytes); the
freely redistributable software from the 4.3BSD-Tahoe & Networking
releases of Berkeley UNIX (17 megabytes); various networking related
programs (30 megabytes); all the Internet RFCs (10 megabytes); the
USENIX Facesaver data (60 megabytes); the comp.std.unix standards
archives (10 megabytes); and lots more.

To obtain the tape distribution or for further information contact:

	 UUNET Communications Services
	 3110 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 570
	 Falls Church, VA 22042
         +1 703 876 5050 (voice)
         +1 703 876 5059 (fax)

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