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From: da...@gvgpsa.GVG.TEK.COM (David C. White)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec,comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: Looking for Benchmarks Between VAXstation 3100 and SUN 3/80
Message-ID: <1216@gvgpsa.GVG.TEK.COM>
Date: 18 Jul 89 23:53:37 GMT
Reply-To: (David C. White)
Organization: Grass Valley Group, Grass Valley, CA
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Does anyone have any hard data comparing the VAXstation 3100 (running
Ultrix) against the SUN 3/80?  SUN is claiming the performance is the
same as the VAXstation 3100 but I don't have a 3/80 to compare against
our VAXstation.  If anyone has done any benchmarks between these two
systems I would appreciate any data you may have gathered.
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From: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec
Subject: Re: Looking for Benchmarks Between VAXstation 3100 and SUN 3/80
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Date: 29 Jul 89 06:41:45 GMT
References: <> <1216@gvgpsa.GVG.TEK.COM> <9642@alice.UUCP>
Reply-To: (Christopher Ho)
Followup-To: comp.sys.dec
Organization: DIGITAL Equipment Corporation
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While I do not know the speed of the CVAX chipset for the 3200/3500/3600/62x0
series of processors, the VAXstation 3100 used an 80 nsec. chip, which
figured out to be 3.2 VUPs.  If you were right about the 3200's CPU speed,
then the 3100's integer benchmarks would have been faster than the 3200s.

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ULTRIX Worksystems

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