The Open Software Foundation, Unix International and X/Open to work towards unification of open systems conformance testing

New York -- November 1, 1989 -- (Business Wire) -- The Open Software Foundation (OSF), Unix International (UI) and X/Open Company Ltd. (X/Open) Wednesday announced at Unix Expo an agreement to work together towards a comprehensive, integrated conformance testing environment for open systems.

This collaborative effort will provide users with a unified world-wide standard of quality and functionality for open systems. It will also provide hardware and software vendors with a common base for verification technology. This agreement further strengthens the relationship between OSF, UI and X/Open by demonstrating a commitment to leverage collaborative resources toward a common goal.

The first task of the three organizations will be the specification of an architecture for a verification/test environment. This specification will include:

-- A user interface to verification suites which will give conformance testers a consistent, easy-to-use approach for executing suites and determining results;

-- A developer interface to verification suites which will give programmers a consistent specification for writing conformance tests;

-- The ability to use multiple sets of test configurations easily.

OSF, UI and X/Open have agreed to define this environment jointly. X/Open will use this conformance suite environment for future releases of VSX, its POSIX-aligned test suite for verifying conformance of operating systems to the X/Open Portability Guide Issue 3 and IEEE Std 1003, 1-1988. In addition, all three organizations have reaffirmed their continuing commitment to use X/Open's VSX as their fundamental component of verification technology.

``OSF is pleased to participate in the creation of a common framework for conformance testing to be used within our respective organization,'' said David Tory, OSF president and chief executive officer.

``When open systems producers cooperate in such ventures, they play a major role in boosting productivity for system and application vendors, which results in a net gain for the end user.''

``UNIX International, as a member of X/Open, is committed to the Common Applications Environment. We are pleased to participate in the creation of a specification that will extend X/Open's verification technology and encourage consistency in the open systems industry,'' said Peter Cunningham, president and chief executive officer of UNIX International.

``This collaboration will make the most comprehensive test for open systems available in the shortest possible time. This is a crucial step toward providing the market with practical open systems solutions,'' said Geoff Morris, president and chief executive officer of X/Open.

The Open Software Foundation is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and delivery of an open, portable software environment. Using an innovative open process, OSF solicits input and technologies from the industry. OSF currently has 171 members.

UNIX International is a nonprofit organization responsible for directing the evolution of UNIX System V. Founded in December 1988, its growing membership now numbers more than 110 users, software vendors, value-added resellers, standard bodies, academic institutions and government bodies worldwide.

X/Open, founded in 1984, is an independent nonprofit consortium of international computer systems vendors who are developing the vendor-independent Common Applications Environment, the international specification for open systems portability.

Specification of the CAE, which is based on de facto and international standards, is achieved through close cooperation with users, independent software vendors and standards organizations worldwide.

CONTACT: Open Software Foundation Donna Ruane, 617/621-8772 or Unix International, Steve Payne, 201/263-8400 or X/Open Company Ltd. Mari Mineta Clapp, 415/354-4449 08:34 ET

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