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From: edwa...@hpcuhc.HP.COM (Edward McClanahan)
Newsgroups: comp.os.mach
Subject: Byte article on Mach
Message-ID: <3140001@hpcuhc.HP.COM>
Date: 14 Nov 89 22:40:26 GMT
Organization: Hewlett Packard, Cupertino
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In case you hadn't seen it and would like an introduction to Mach, Avadis
Tevanian Jr. and Ben Smith have an article in the November '89 Byte magazine
entitled "Mach: The Model For Future Unix".  The article is written in a
fairly introductory style, but does cover the following:

  Great Ideas from a Small Team
  Tasks and Threads
  Ports, Port Sets, and Messages
  The Memory Object
  Virtual Memory
  Open Memory Management
  The Mach Kernel and IPC
  Exception Handling vs. Signal Handling
  System Layers
  OS/2 and Mach
  The Future of Mach

  ...and a sidebar on Mach on the NeXT Cube


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From: Rick.Ras...@CS.CMU.EDU
Newsgroups: comp.os.mach
Subject: Re: Byte article on Mach
Date: 16 Nov 89 21:43:40 GMT
Sender: r...@RFR.MACH.CS.CMU.EDU
Organization: Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
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There is also a "Mach to the Rescue" section in the VM in Unix article
in the same Byte.  You should always keep in mind that anything you read
in such magazines is of questionable accuracy, though.  In the "Mach to
the Rescue" section it states (among other things) that:

1) Mach can provide virtual memory support on machines without VM hardware and

2) Mach VM was designed for "undefined parallel processors"

I remains to be seen how we were able to do these things, I assume we
will discover that in an upcoming Byte issue....


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