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Tue Jan 30 15:37:33 1990

Present:  John Kohl, Ken Raeburn, Bill Sommerfeld, Ted Ts'o, Barry
Jaspan, Andrew Greene

status reports:

Bill:  working on Imakefiles (mostly done), also klist, kdestroy, kinit,
	function to get local addresses from kernel

Barry: file-based cache is up & limping (not extensively tested)

Andrew: has been otherwise occupied
Ted:  likewise
Ken: likewise; interested in working on network code (server & client
John: kdb_dbm converted from v4, some libos stuff, chunks of KDC code
Jay: libkt work, plus some thinking about command line args (he will
	post when he returns)

other items:

- flame about locking, etc...  libos locking calls will get an
	additional filename argument (to support systems which lock by
	filenames rather than open files)

- there is (slightly moldy) pseudo-code in the protocol spec draft for
	some of the libkrb routines

- proto spec needs some "real-world" experience for non-IP addresses.

- flame about struct { int bar; char baz[1]} vs struct {int bar; char
*baz}; not resolved.

Action items:

* John will work on getting POSIX specs
* John will look at current code and decide whether to change structures
with variable-length arrays to use pointers instead.

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